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Couples Workshops and Intensive Couples Therapy

Trust Again, Love Again

Rediscover Emotional and Sexual Intimacy

Are you and your partner struggling with conflict resolution or stuck in a cycle of disagreements that never seem to end? Couples Workshops and Intensive Couples Therapy can help you strengthen your relationship and work through your issues in a structured and supportive environment.

Conflict is a natural part of any relationship. However, when unresolved it can make way for more serious problems, including affairs or divorce, two of the most traumatic and devastating experiences for couples.

Seeking specialized help is crucial for couples who want to overcome their challenges, deepen their connection, and build happier and healthier relationships. Find out whether Couples Workshops or Intensive Couples Therapy can be the right fit for you.

How Couples Workshops and Intensive Couples Therapy Can Help?

In Couples Workshops or Intensive Couple Therapy, you receive six months’ worth of therapy in just a few days. They are condensed, focused, highly specialized sessions that occur over a short period of time.

The intensive format allows couples to dive deeply into the issues they are facing, uninterrupted, without having to wait for their weekly or biweekly session. In these sessions, the therapist is able to help couples get to the root of the problem a lot quicker and identify the roadblocks.

Photo of a multiracial couple hugging while the woman kisses her partner in the cheek in a tender moment. This represents how Couples Workshops And Intensive Couples Therapy Can Help you and your partner rediscover intimacy and connection.
Strengthen your relationship through Couples Workshops or Intensive Couples Therapy in North Carolina and Virginia.

What Will the Therapy Sessions and Workshops focus on:

  • Relationship-building exercises.
  • Communication tools to de-escalate conflict.
  • Gaining awareness of how you get stuck in patterns and cycles of conflict.
  • How to prevent these patterns and repair them.
  • Improving emotional and sexual intimacy
  • Developing rituals for connections.
  • Processing regrettable incidents such as betrayal and infidelity.
  • Learning new ways to rebuild trust.

Advantages of Intensive Couples Therapy and Couples Workshops: 

  • Provide the momentum you need to get unstuck and get your relationship back on track.
  • Address urgent issues in a more efficient way.
  • Since they have a bigger impact and are more efficient, they can save you both time and money compared to weekly sessions.
  • If you are on the brink of divorce, it can help prevent it compared to weekly marriage counseling, which moves at a slower pace.
  • The healing can happen within days rather than being dragged out for months in regular weekly sessions.

You Can Benefit From Couples Workshops and Intensive Couples Counseling If You Agree With Some (Or All) Of The Following:

  • I feel hurt, stuck, and powerless.
  • I feel lonely and disconnected.
  • My partner and I find ourselves stuck in patterns and cycles of conflict.
  • I do not feel heard and understood.
  • I feel dismissed and invalidated.
  • I feel my soulmate became my roommate.
  • I feel afraid, panicked, and unsure of the future.
  • I have difficulty focusing or thinking clearly.
  • I can’t stop crying.
  • I am in the midst of a crisis that impacts my relationship.
  • I recently suffered a significant loss and trauma that impacted my relationship.
  • I am considering divorce.
  • I feel devastated due to infidelity.
  • My partner and I have intimacy and sexual issues.
Photo of a multiracial couple smiling and hugging. This represents how starting Couples Workshops And Intensive Couples Therapy in in North Carolina and Virginia can be the answer to the relationship problems you and your partner are struggling with.

Couples Workshops Or Intensive Couples Therapy?

Couples Workshops

Our group-based interventions are designed to help couples improve their relationship skills and deepen their connection. These workshops involve a combination of learning via slide and video presentations, group exercises, and one-on-one time. The therapist will check in with you and your partner to guide you through the exercises. 

One of the biggest benefits of Couples Workshops is the opportunity for couples to connect with other couples going through similar challenges and who also want to work on their relationships. This can create a sense of connection and support that can be incredibly valuable.

Additionally, Couples Workshops can be a more affordable option for couples who are looking to improve their relationship in a shorter amount of time.

You will have opportunities for private conversations with your partner to practice communication skills based on the exercises provided.

Please know that you are not required to share personal details with the group. It is completely up to you to share what you wish regarding your experience. All participants are asked to maintain confidentiality.

Intensive Couples Therapy

It is a condensed and individualized form of therapy. The main goal is to provide couples with a highly focused and immersive experience that can help them make significant progress in a shorter amount of time.

During intensive sessions, couples work closely with a therapist to address specific issues in their relationship. This can include improving communication skills, addressing trust or intimacy issues, and developing strategies for managing conflict.

This form of therapy allows couples to fully immerse in the therapeutic process. Without the distractions and interruptions of everyday life, couples can focus entirely on their relationship and work together to improve it. This can lead to a deeper understanding of each other and a stronger commitment to overcoming their issues.

We offer Intensive Couples Therapy online. This allows couples to engage in therapy sessions from the comfort of their own home or any location most convenient to them. With this format, you also save time on travel, traffic, and parking, making it easier for you and your partner to fit therapy into your busy schedules.


Which Is Right For You?

Deciding whether to choose Couples Workshops or Intensive Couples Therapy depends on your unique needs and preferences.

While, Couples Workshops can be a great option for those who want to learn new relationship skills and connect with other couples, Intensive Couples Therapy may be a better fit if you want to address specific issues in an individualized setting.

Regardless of your choice, finding a specialized and experienced couples therapist is crucial to help you and your partner learn the right tools and strategies, and build a stronger, healthier, and happier relationship.

What Are The Fees?

Couples Workshops

Couples Workshops in North Carolina and Virginia are private pay. We require a minimum of 5 couples registration for the workshops to take place. Each day consists of 4-5 hours of intensive therapy. 

One-Day Workshop: $250 / couple 

Two-Days Workshop: $500/ couple

Three-Days Workshop: $750/ couple

We also offer 2 hour workshops for $85/ couple. This format requires a minimum of 8 couples registration.

If you want to know the next dates for the couples’ workshops, please email us at

Intensive Couples Therapy

If you need a more individualized type of counseling you can opt for Intensive Couples Therapy. These sessions are provided online.

2 hours session: $350

3 hours session: $550

4 hours session: $750 

These sessions can be scheduled with our relationship therapist Dr. Kinga Gudor here:

For Who?

These sessions are open to all types of couples who long for a deeper connection, including:

  • Married or cohabitating.
  • Multicultural, cross-cultural, interfaith, interracial couples
  • Gay, LGBTQ.
  • Christian or non-christian.
  • Young couples, middle-aged couples, or empty nesters.
  • Military couples.
  • Immigrant or expat couples.
  • Retired couples.
  • Dating couples.
Photo of a couple hugging and feeling close to each other. This represents how the guidance and support from an experienced relationship therapist can help you and your partner work through your issues.


Our Couples Workshops are usually scheduled during weekends. However, we can accommodate weekday workshops as well.

Please email to inquire about scheduling. 


Our in-person Couples Workshops are offered in Norfolk, VA, and in Tarboro, NC. Intensive Couples Therapy is offered online. 

Our Norfolk office is located at 129 West Virginia Beach Blvd and we provide services to clients from Norfolk, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Williamsburg, Yorktown, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, Outer Banks, Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills, and Manteo. 

The Couples Workshops offered in Tarboro will take place in the historic downtown or at a retreat center in Tarboro, the exact location TBD.

These sessions are open to clients from Greenville, Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest, Winterville,  Farmville, Tarboro, Rocky Mount, Nashville, Snow Hill, Washington, New Bern, Goldsboro, Wilmington, Wilson, and Murfreesboro.

Photo of a couple looking at each other and smiling. This represents how therapy can help you and your partner move forward and feel happier together.

About the therapist:

Photo of Kinga Gudor, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Social Worker at Deep Connections Counseling, Virginia and North Carolina.
Kinga Gudor, PhD

The intensives are facilitated by Dr. Kinga Gudor, trained in EFT, Gottman, and Developmental Couple Therapy, who has 20+ years of experience providing relationship counseling. 

These interventions are based on The Gottman Method of Couples TherapyEmotionally Focused Couples Therapy, and Developmental Couple Therapy.

Learn more about her areas of expertise and professional experience here:

Photo of a military man returning home and holding his wife in a loving way. This represents how therapy sessions with our Deep Connections Counselors can help couples restore a sense of safety, intimacy, and friendship between partners.

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