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LGBTQ+ Couples Counseling

Photo of a LGBTQ+ couple walking together in nature. This represents how LGBTQ+ Couples Counseling in NC and VA can help you and your partner build a stronger, healthier, and closely connected bond.

Do you identify your relationship as fitting within the LGBTQ+ community?
Are you facing issues within your relationship that are unique to the LGBTQ+ lived experience?
Are you having doubts about the efficacy of traditional couples’ counseling for your relationship or marriage?
Do you want to explore and grow closer within your relationship by learning new coping skills to resolve problems that put a damper on your life?

As certain pockets around this country are becoming more accepting of the LGBTQ+ community, the issues and challenges that self-identified LGBTQ+ couples face are beginning to take its own shape.

You yourself might constitute half of an LGBTQ+ couple that faces these normal relationship issues. You might be wondering if a relationship counselor can help or even empathize with the relationship roadblocks that you encounter.

Whether a person needs more space or whether they need their space filled, for a relationship to be successful, it necessitates a deep level of commitment from both parties. More specifically, both partners need to feel safe, secure, and comfortable in the relationship they fostered.

The building blocks of any fulfilling and mutual bond are a high level of trust, utter respect, emotional intimacy, love, and companionship. This is why when one or both partners act in a way that is damaging to that sacred bond, the aftermath is often tumultuous.

With that said, recovering from infidelity is not impossible. This is where professional counseling and therapy come in. Rebuilding trust after an affair or betrayal may seem outlandish, but many couples who have put in the hard work and commitment to overcome the hardships of cheating find that rebuilding their relationship after the trauma makes for a much stronger, healthier, and closely connected bond.

What is LGBTQ+ Couples Counseling & How Can It Help You?

If you or someone you love belongs to the LGBTQ+ community, you might be wondering, “How does couples counseling for LGBTQ+ couples differ from counseling for straight couples?”.

At the end of the day, not all LGBTQ+ couples don’t just have relationship qualms about LGBTQ+ issues.

But for those issues that you face that are unique to the LGBTQ+ experience, it is important to have a counselor who has experience with dealing with these issues. Issues that might be specific to an LGBTQ+ lifestyle might fall into one of these categories:

  1. Coming Out & Self-Acceptance
  2. Recovering from Experienced Traumas or a Troubled Adolescence
  3. Family Acceptance
  4. Sexual Health & Satisfaction
  5. LGBTQ+ Marriage
  6. Family and Parenting

Couples counseling for LGBTQ+ couples works to help LGBTQ+ couples to address issues that might hinder their relationship, develop healthy coping strategies for relationship and individual stressors, and foster an environment in which couples feel comfortable to grow and thrive within their relationship.

Some problems that you might find in your relationship are ubiquitous to all relationships: jealousy, family and parenting discrepancies, responsibility miscommunications, who takes out the trash on Tuesdays. These problems, while generalizable to the human experience, can be angled and distorted by your personal experiences and thus require the special treatment of an experienced counselor for LGBTQ+ couples.

Photo of a LGBTQ+ couple holding a tablet to talk with their couples therapist during a therapy session. This represents how online therapy in NC an VA can help couples feel comfortable and safe to explore their issues and work on the relationship together.

What To Expect From LGBTQ+ Counseling

Photo of a LGBTQ+ Couple in a field of lavender flowers. This represents how LGBTQ+ counseling can help couples overcome relationship issues and feel happier and more connected.

Couples come into counseling for a wide range of reasons. As mentioned above, these reasons can be unique to the LGBTQ+ community, but can also be prevalent within all types of relationships. Given a counselor who will start as a complete stranger to you and your partner, your counselor will first work to establish a strong connection built upon trust and transparency.

Our counselors who specialize in LGBTQ+ couples counseling understand the potential feelings of isolation and lack of understanding that LGBTQ+ individuals might have faced from the outside world. Because of this, LGBTQ+ couples might find it difficult to fully trust a stranger with their already-marginalized relationship. This is why building a relationship upon a foundation of trust is one of your counselor’s top priorities.

From here, your counselor will work to identify your relationship’s primary concerns and the potential causes that they can help tackle. You can expect to explore the strategies necessary for the budding of a healthy marriage, including examining conflict resolution skills, identifying and understanding love languages, introspecting your style of communication, coping with lifestyle disagreements, and empathizing with contrasting backgrounds, goals, expectations, and deal-breakers.

Benefits of LGBTQ+ Couples Counseling

  • A heightened sense of self-confidence and self-acceptance
  • A stronger openness to your identify within the LGBTQ+ community and as a person as a whole
  • Insight into underlying issues of recurring arguments and tensions
  • A stronger understanding and empathy of one another’s thoughts, feelings, and needs
  • A more profound and affectionate intimate connection
  • An enhanced understanding of what it takes to create and maintain a healthy relationship
  • Trust in your ability to clearly convey your emotions, desires, and needs
Photo of a multicultural lesbian couple. Thos represents how couples counseling can help you and your partner reconnect and work toward the same goals.

How Deep Connections Counseling Can Help You

Coming into couples counseling as an LGBTQ+ couple can be intimidating. The state of your relationship may be causing you stress that you might bring into other aspects of your life. You look to your loved ones as sources of joy and escapes from the world, but when your relationship begins to shake, it might be time to consider couples counseling and the benefits it may bring to you and your relationship.

Many individuals belonging to the LGBTQ+ community have faced youths of rejection, isolation, or confusion. Our counselors who are specialized in communications and therapy with LGBTQ+ couples are experienced and ready to recognize your relationship roadblocks and develop personalized strategies to overcome difficulties.

Photo of a person opening up to the therapist during a counseling session. This represents how finding the right therapist for your needs is crucial to the success of your healing journey.
Bringing your troubles to a professional who has experience working with couples who have been faced with similar hardships is the best and most effective way to nurture your relationship to be as healthy as it can be. Take the next step and schedule a preliminary consultation. Contact our experienced counselors if you are ready to seek counseling for your relationship.
Photo of a man giving flowers to his girlfriend. This represents how pre-marital counseling in North Carolina and Virginia can help you build the foundation for a healthy and happy relationship.

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