Meditation for Sunday Scaries

Do you dread Mondays? Are you overwhelmed by stress and anxiety as a new week closes in?

Sunday Scaries (also known as Sunday Blues) are feelings of intense anxiety between the weekend and the workweek. We wish these feelings would go away, but many of us grind our teeth and push through. 

While it is normal to feel some amount of stress, it can be overwhelming if this sense of dread persists week after week. Meditation and mindfulness techniques are proven to help alleviate the long-term effects of this stress. 

Join us for a group mindfulness activity and meditation, and feel ready to face your week with a new sense of calm and confidence.

This workshop is run by our therapist Christine Rucker.

Next sessions: April 2 and April 16 at 8 pm
Cost: $18 per person
Location: Zoom


Next sessions: March 21 and April 18 at 6 pm
Cost: $30 per session
Location: Hybrid – Zoom and The Renova Center 129 W Virginia Beach Blvd in Downtown Norfolk

ADHD Support Group

Do you have a loved one with ADHD? Maybe you’ve been struggling to know how you can cope and support them?

While there’s a lot of information on ADHD, sometimes, the best way to understand and overcome these difficulties is by connecting with others going through the same experiences.

A support group is a great way to learn tips, discover new coping skills, and feel the empathy and acceptance you deserve in a judgment-free space.

Join our monthly support group and learn to connect with your loved ones when ADHD is part of the relationship.

The group is facilitated by our therapist Christine Rucker.

Anyone 17 years old and older is welcome to join. Participation in the group does not require a diagnosis.


Couples Workshop

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