Relationship Counseling for Individuals

Are you dissatisfied with your relationship and your partner refuses to attend couple or marital counseling?

Are you going through the pain of a divorce or break up?

Are you perpetually single and wondering what is preventing you to have or keep a relationship?

Do you struggle with shyness and social anxiety, making it hard to meet a potential partner?

Is dating confusing especially in the world of online dating if you are older and you are juggling children and career while dealing with past heart breaks, self -doubt , low confidence and difficulty to trust?

Regardless of whether you have been single, or dating or you are in a relationship with someone who is not meeting your needs, or just going through a break up or a divorce, there is hope. With the help of a compassionate and non- judgmental therapist you can identify the thoughts, feelings, and life experiences that cause the struggle with relationships.

We help you build on your strengths, change negative thinking patterns, heal from past hurts , let go of self -defeating beliefs and behaviors and improve your self- confidence so you can connect with others in meaningful ways.