Therapy for Cross-Cultural and Multicultural Individuals and Couples

A Whole New World

You ventured out of your comfort zone, left all that you’ve ever known, and you decided to embark on your journey to the U.S. You were one of the lucky ones, or so you thought. You’ve tried to make this your home away from home. You wanted to know what to expect so you did your research. You learned all there is to learn about the culture, the people, the land. Perhaps as an attempt to prove that you were worthy, or at least worthier than native citizens.

You tried your best to adjust to this unfamiliar environment, to like the things your partner likes, to adopt their way of doing things as your own. Yet the disconnection between who you are and who you are trying to become lingers. Every morning, you wake up with the hopes that today will be the day where you finally feel like you belong here. Every night, you go to bed with the desolation that your attempts at blending in were in vain.

You think to yourself, nobody will ever understand what I am going through, or perhaps nobody will want to understand. You feel guilty because you’ve been given what many would deem to be the opportunity of a lifetime. You want to be happy, you want to feel at home, you want to feel welcome, you want to feel accepted. Instead, you feel isolated, sad, and sorrowful.

Lost, Overwhelmed, and Exhausted

You’re trying too hard but your efforts never seem to translate into what you want them to be. Everything around you feels too loud, too fast, too overwhelming. So you’re completely stuck, regressing even, as if every step you take forward puts you two steps behind. These self-defeating cycles seem to have no end, a vicious loop, perennial frustration, and fear.

You remind yourself of the many reasons you decided to make this journey. A better education, a better job, more financial freedom, more personal freedom … a better future for your children. The thought of going back home is unimaginable. You don’t want to be a failure.

You want to make your family proud. You want to be accomplished and successful. Yet you realize, you were never raised to be assertive, confident, and self-assured. You wonder why it takes you so much energy to participate in conversation when it comes so naturally to your American peers.

The Cross-Cultural Counseling You Need

At Deep Connections Counseling, we know what it’s like to feel invisible, scared, overwhelmed, frustrated, and disappointed. We know what it’s like to feel disconnected from everything you used to enjoy. We know what it’s like to constantly feel at a loss for words when you have so much to say.

Allow us to create a safe space for you to express your honest feelings and give a voice to your inner conflicts. We want to help you develop a healthier relationship with these new and overwhelming experiences.

We will address all of your concerns and help you navigate daily life challenges so you can establish a sense of normalcy. We will delve into your goals, explore your aspirations, and examine your core values together so you’re more prepared to overcome any obstacles preventing you from being true to yourself and living the life you want!

Reach out today to schedule an appointment by calling or texting at 757-319-5416.

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