Marriage, Couple and Relationship Counseling

As a couple therapist I can help facilitate better communication based on empathy that will increase mutual validation, shared understanding, trust, security and comfort within your relationship as a couple or as a family.   I have  experience working with couples of various ages, different cultural/ social backgrounds and sexual orientations. I have special expertise in working with couples who are negotiating cultural differences in inter–cultural, inter-racial, or inter-faith relationships.

In couples therapy, I can help you:

-Understand more clearly each other’s emotions, so you can offer and receive support

-Recognize underlying reasons for your conflict

-Address negative interaction patterns

-Recover from difficult life events in a way that strengthens the relationship

-Learn how to repair and forgive injuries, such as infidelity

-Learn to renew love and build trust

-Enhance your emotional and physical closeness

-Resolve issues related to parenthood and parenting concerns

-Negotiate differences in cultural, racial, ethnic, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds

-Negotiate the impact of families of origin on the relationship

-Affirm strengths in your relationship

-Improve your communication

I use Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT).In EFT I will help you address the feelings that are usually the underlying reasons of a distressed relationship:    

-Can I reach for you in my moments of need?

-Can I rely on you to respond to me when I need you emotionally?

-Will you be there for me?

-Will you stay close to me and value me?

-Are you impacted by how I feel and what I say?

-Can I trust you?

-Am I important to you?


Love sense: from the cradle to the grave

 Two experts  look at key responses in love relationships.

Science tells us clearly that bonding goes from the cradle to the grave. Staying close to a protective loved one is the main survival strategy of our species.